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About 3D Eye Solutions, Inc.

3D Entertainment Holdings, Inc.

operates as a service provider and integrator for the 3D stereoscopic and auto-stereoscopic media industry in the United States.

The company owns 3D Reality Splitter software, a proprietary technology to convert existing 2D content into 3D with and without glasses.

Its solutions comprise proprietary 3D Reality Splitter 2D to 3D conversions; stereo and multi-view consulting and integration; value added resale of turnkey multi-view systems for digital signage; custom development for integrations, such as digital signage, cinema, medical, military, mobile, etc.; digital signage - large format auto-stereoscopic displays for advertisers; and produce and process media content for film, television, corporate, venues, and trade show events.

The company also provides turnkey systems, as well as converts existing media to enable end user to showcase properties in multi view format.

3D Eye Solutions, Inc.

was incorporated in 2008 and is headquartered in Grapevine, Texas.

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Grapevine, Texas

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