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Adeka Corporation engages in chemical and food products business in Japan.

The company offers polymer additives comprising antioxidants, UV absorbers/hindered amine light stabilizers, nucleating agents/clarifiers, metal deactivators, flame retardants, and epoxy type stabilizers/lubricants; plasticizers/PVC stabilizers; and IT related materials, including light/thermal curing materials, initiators/polymer materials/resist materials, thermal paper materials, semiconductor materials, and circuit materials.

Its chemical products also comprise functional polymers consisting of water borne, epoxy, and urethane resins; surface specialties, such as general-purpose and functional surfactants, functional cosmetic ingredients, lubricant additives, and base materials for lubricants; commodity chemicals, including propylene glycol, peroxygen chemicals, metal soaps, ethanol preparation, and inorganic chemicals; and inducing joint fillers and sealing materials.

The company offers its chemical products to various industries, including electronics and IT materials, plastics and rubber, personal care, industrial, liquid crystal display, automotive, and building and construction, as well as paints, coatings, and adhesives industries.

In addition, it provides food products comprising margarines, shortening products, fats and oils for chocolate, frying oil, whipping cream, concentrated milk type cream, fillings, frozen pie dough, mayonnaise and dressing, and others.

The company sells its food products under the RISU BRAND name.

Further, it engages in various businesses, such as plant facility design; construction and construction management; and facility maintenance, logistics, warehousing, vehicles leasing, real estate, and insurance agency.

The company was formerly known as Asahi Denka Co., Ltd.

and changed its name to Adeka Corporation in May 2006.

Adeka Corporation was founded in 1917 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

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Tokyo, Japan

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