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Borealis Exploration Limited, a technology development company, engages in inventing, patenting, developing, and acquiring new technologies. Its principal technologies include Chorus Meshcon, an electric motor/drive providing high torque at low speeds without compromising high-speed operation and peShow more rformance; WheelTug, an aircraft electric drive system, which enables ircraft to drive forward and backward without using its engines or external tugs; Avto Metals, a custom-designed material for applications in microelectronic devices, including computers, cell phones, and multifunction digital tools. The company's principal technologies also include Cool Chips, which are devices that use quantum electron thermotunnelling to produce cooling, refrigeration, or air-conditioning, which has applications in cooling electronics, refrigerators and freezers, medical and industrial equipment, buildings, cargo, aircraft, and cars; and Power Chips, a new technology that uses the physical mechanism of thermionics and quantum thermotunnelling to generate electrical power directly from heat, with no moving parts, produce power for laptop computers, buildings, and cars and trucks. It also holds interests in various iron ore deposits. The company was founded in 1965 and is headquartered in Gibraltar, Gibraltar. Show less

Electronics Distribution
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Gibraltar, Gibraltar

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