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About Full Motion Beverage, Inc.

Full Motion Beverage, Inc., a diversified beverage company, owns, develops, markets, and distributes various non-alcoholic beverage products and brands in the United States.

It offers various energy drinks under the Energize, Mojava & Lean Lemon, 7UP, Playboy, DynaPep, and Quick to Sleep brands; refreshment beverages under the CinCyn Cinnamon brand; fruit drinks under the Ralph & Charlie's brand; ice pops under the PowerIce and Skinny Dipper brands; sodas under the Tropical Fantasy brand; cinnamon drinks under the CinCyn brand; and bottle water for kids under the WAT-AAH! brand, as well as MOJAVA, a ready-to-drink black coffee beverage.

The company is based in Plainview, New York.

Full Motion Beverage, Inc.

operates as a subsidiary of Full Motion Partners LLC.

Beverages - Soft Drinks
HQ Location
Plainview, New York

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