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Luxembourg, 10 July 2020

"Investment Insights" Help New Investors Getting Started on the Stock Market launches "Investment Insights" as an addition to their service. The new feature will provide self-directed investors with a basket of information and knowledge to improve their investing decisions. It will contain articles, a glossary as well as a book and broker list.

"What broker should I choose? How do I decide which companies to buy? What strategy should I decide on? How do I get credible information?" These are just a few of the many questions new investors have when beginning to invest in the stock market. Getting started can be time-consuming, complex and confusing.

To help investors tackle all these questions will publish articles concerning topics such as understanding a financial statement, investment strategies, valuation methods and much more. Additionally, a glossary will provide answers to questions such as: What is a “Goodwill”? How is the “Enterprise Value” calculated? What is meant by “ask” and “bid” prices? Common terminology and ratios used in investing are explained in a short and understandable manner. A book list, consisting of more than 30 books in the field of investment literature, will enable investors to get a head start on their investing skills. There will be classics by the likes of Benjamin Graham and Peter Lynch as well as younger investors like Susan Levermann or Tobias Carlisle. On top of that, a broker list will give an overview of the most well-known brokers in Europe, the United States and Asia.

We have shared Investment Insights with a few of our early users. This is what Mark from the UK said: “I only recently started investing in the stock market. Investment Insights helped me understand the many confusing technical terms used in investing. Also, the book list is a great tool to find compelling reads if you want to get started in the stock market. I feel a lot more confident now."

As of now, the Investment Insights section is available on, where individual investors from all over the world can browse around for free. Investment Insights

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