Market Screener

There are thousands of publicly-traded companies listed on various stock markets around the globe. Our stock screener helps you to filter and identify those that match your investment criteria. Our Screener is dynamic, which means that is always reflects the latest financials and market data. All ratios are recalculated daily after market close to ensure that you are working with the latest data.


It's easy to look up the latest (real-time) price of a stock. But what about the valuaton? Is the current market price worth its underlaying company? Our service provides you coomonly used valuation tools, such as Discounted Cashflow (DCF) that is instantly filled with the latest financial data that the given company has reported.

Stock Monitoring

It's great to analyze a company before investing. But it does not stop there. We help you to define measurable investment goals and will help you monitor the performance of this strategy. Because all too often we invest and don't really remember afterwards what our initial strategy for this investment was. As a result it happens that we sell gains to late and realize losses too early. Our stock monitor helps you to stay rational and in-line with your strategy.

Portfolio Analysis

Is your portfolio diversified engough? How much is it likely to loose in value during market turbulences? How strong is it influenced by the marco-economic environment? With our portfolio anaylsis you can get answers to those questions.

Market Calendar

What was again the fiscal year of Apple Inc and when do I need to watch our for the next earnings announcement? Our market calendar will keep you up-to-date with all important events, such as earnings announcements of your portfolio/watchlist companies, or major initial offerings (IPOs).

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Valuu provides insights and tools for busy, individual stock investors. It enables you to easily find, valuate and track your stock investments with the help of reliable financial data and transparent analysis tools.